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Partners Program

We at K12 Alerts® and Campus Alerts® believe in partnering with great companies, groups and organizations that have synergy with our communication products/services and corporate values and goals. We create win-win relationships with Channel Partners to help them grow opportunities and add our products and services to their consulting engagements.

Our Partners have a unique opportunity to develop new relationships and grow existing business relationships.

K12 Alerts® and Campus Alerts® provides emergency and routine communications through 3 modes of notifications (email, Text-to-Cell and Telephone messaging). Our Parent My Account® portal and My Account® portal provide schools, colleges and corporations with a secure way to collect recipient emergency points of contact online, 24/7. The onus is on the recipient to keep their information up-to-date.

We offer multiple types of partnerships to meet the needs of different organizations:

Referral and Channel Partner Program
As a channel partner you may be a Referral Partner or a Channel Partner.
  • A Referral Partner may send opportunities directly to us.
  • A Channel Partner may handle their existing relationships by providing sales support to their clients who use our products and services.
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Strategic Partners
Strategic Solutions Partners (SSP) is a key part of our overall strategy to differentiate our products and services within a specific market. Solutions Providers may also integrate our products and services through our API to third party systems. SSP may also provide training and Level 1 support to their clients.

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