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System 10
The Next Generation Patented and Award Winning Communications System

Our Product Portfolio integrates simply and easily with any SIS system.

Since 2002, K12 Alerts® has helped schools nationwide to strengthen their school-to-home connections with the finest communication tools and systems.

With our Electronic Student Emergency Cards portal, a Parent can easily access and update their childs' emergency information through a computer, iPad or Smartphone connected to the Internet. These paperless cards replace the old fashioned paper card that is typically mailed home at the beginning of the school year or mid-year to a parent.

Our simplified Parent My Account® portal is a scaled down version of our Electronic Student Emergency cards allowing parents to update a phone, email or Text-to-Cell numbers making that information immediately available for school alert messages or daily attendance calls.

You always connect with the right parent or staff member with K12 Alerts® and keep everyone in the know through voice, email and texting communications.


Emergency messaging and routine notices to parents, staff and the community.


The K12 Alerts® system empowers school administrators to schedule, send, and track personalized emergency or routine notifications to thousands of parents, staff and/or community members in minutes.

Voice Calls: Send voice calls to parents, staff and special groups from any phone
or from the Web.

Surveys: Recipients can provide input on school initiatives using the telephone keypad, which helps to increase participation by parents..

Rich Emails - Simple and intuitive tools
Send rich-text HTML email notices with embedded images to parents, staff or residents.
- Superintendents and Principals create newsletters and principal notices in under 1-5 minutes.
- Send rich emails to entire district, school, grade or special group.
- Eliminate Friday backpack notices. GO GREEN.

Text-to-Cell: Send text notices to parents, staff or residents.

Reports: See who received a call, read an email or received a Text message.


Parents, Staff and Resident My Account® portals

Our proprietary and Patent Pending Parent My Account® portals are customized for each school. Parents and staff members may login and update their contact voice, emails and Text-to-Cell numbers online.

Interchange student information from Student Information System (SIS)

K12 Alerts® has a proprietary Parent My Account® portal where parents, staff and the community can access and maintain both their own and their child's emergency information online. School administrators can segment and broadcast messages to parents and staff by schools, grades, sports and other extracurricular activities.

Onus is on the Parent or Staff member to update phone, email or Text-to-Cell numbers.

Resident Portal - Residents signup for district communications. Keep your community in the know about good news.

Emergency Cards


Q: Why do I have to fill out three different Emergency Cards for my three children if they are all in the same family?

A: You don't have to any more! Now parents fill out an online card once, and apply it to the whole family.

Review it. Update it. Save it.

Parents may keep their child's critical information up-to-date instantly connecting to an Electronic Student Emergency Card on any Internet enabled device/computer, Smartphone, iPad or Tablet.


K12 Alerts® Electronic Emergency Card system solves a growing problem that affects all School Districts nationwide; how to keep student emergency information up-to-date in case of a crisis.

Parents can:
  • Maintain all of their critical student information online
  • Log on 24/7 to complete changes

Administrators can:
  • Interchange student information from ANY Student Information System (SIS)
  • Receive nightly audits of parent changes to surrogates, doctors, walking
    permissions and allergy information made online


Attendance Gains Help to Increase School Funding

Schools nationwide year after year have used our fully hosted notification service for millions of calls, with a majority being part of their comprehensive program to improve attendance in their schools. Our school implementations are focused on helping our member schools to decrease absenteeism.

K12 Alerts® schools enjoy:

  • Dramatic cuts in unexcused absences
  • Decreasing excused absences
  • Increasing parental awareness
  • Using English or Spanish daily attendance calls
  • Reports used in documenting absences


K12 Alerts® plays an integral role in increasing parental awareness and 
decreasing absenteeism, and encouraging parental involvement to help students
at all grade levels in schools achieve better student scores and education.

Our fully hosted solution can be operational in as little as 24 hours. 

Call us at 888-291-2090 or click here.

E-Mail Newsletters

Step-by-Step Email Creation
Build It. Group It. Send It.

Year after year schools have used our fully hosted email notification solution to alert and inform Parents, Residents and Staff. You'll get everything you need to create effective, professional email newsletters. Creating and editing your newsletters is as easy as 1-2-3!

Insert school links to your Facebook, Twitter, social media pages when you're creating an email newsletter.

With K12 Alerts® Email Builder Tools

  • Step-by-Step Email Creation tools
  • Use whichever email templates you want
  • Create Principal letters with your signature
  • Add your school logo, and pick fonts to match your organization's
    look and feel from your Web site
  • Use embedded images and hyperlinks
  • Create reusable email message templates

Schedule your email campaign for delivery 

  • Preview your email campaign to make sure it's perfect.
  • Write a subject line that entices the person to read it
  • Schedule it for later or send it now - specific to your time zone

K12 Alerts® plays an integral role in increasing parental involvement and community awareness.

Our fully hosted solution can be operational in as little as 24 hours

Call us at 888-291-2090 or click here.

Social Media Alerts

Facebook, Twitter posting for Alert Messaging

Reach the entire social media community by easily posting alerts to social media sites in one-click.

K12 Alerts® secure social media publishing system enhances your ability to communicate with all school members and parents in any situation. Our one-click publishing system takes the complexity out of publishing alert messaging in time-sensitive situations.

  • Reach a broader audience; send email and text then post to facebook/twitter in one-click.
  • Control your message with secure publishing of alerts.
  • Students and Faculty can view selected messaging.

For more information, click here.



Croton-Harmon UFSD

Emergency Card Testimonial (4/14/2011)

“We used to mail emergency cards home for parents to complete each summer. The new K12 Alerts Electronic Student Emergency card system allows our parents to quickly Verify/Update any Guardian, Caregiver, Early Dismissal Permissions, and Doctor and Allergy information in a parent friendly interface, 24/7/365. The new K12 Alerts system will help Croton-Harmon Schools to save on administration costs, streamline operations and provide its administrators with more update-to-date information. Parents will easily access and update their childs' emergency information via any computer connected to the Internet, iPad and/or Smartphone with using a secure ID and password. We are excited about the new system and preliminary feedback has been very positive.”

- Dr. Edward R. Fuhrman, Jr.
Superintendent of Schools
Croton Harmon School District

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