The “Renaissance women” of YUHSG have been hard at work… pursuing their many interests, and exploring a whole world of possibilities! 

“Capitol” Letters

Senior Mimi Liebman, who is contemplating a career in Library Science, gained valuable experience working as a volunteer for the Visitor Services Office at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.  With Congress tackling so many important issues this summer (directly across the street at the Capitol Building), Capitol Hill was obviously the place to be!  Working at the information desk, she got the chance to meet people from all over the country, and fielded a host of questions, ranging from serious research interests to - for all you “National Treasure” fans - the whereabouts of the “Book of Secrets!” The director of the Judaica department has invited Mimi to return next summer and use her Hebrew skills to work with the manuscript collection.  


  Music to Our Ears

11 th grader Dalia Leibowitz took the concept of “arts and sciences” to a new level this summer… first with a stay at Tizmoret Shoshana, a “Summer Camp Retreat for Artistic Development and Spiritual Expression,” where she, a flutist, pursued a concentration in music… and then went on to a YUHSG summer science internship at Montefiore Medical Center’s in vitro fertilization clinic.  Junior Shana Landau also attended Tizmoret Shoshana with a concentration in music, and then participated in Rachel Factor’s Dance and Touring Summer Program in Israel.

“And the Winner Is…”

Congratulations to the editorial staff and writers of YUHSG's literary journal, "Avenues of Expression," winner (once again!) of the American Scholastic Press Association First Place Award.

Guest List

Every year, our students are privileged to hear from many inspiring guest speakers, who share their scholarship, their insights, and their idealism with us.  On September 17 th , in anticipation of Rosh Hashanah, we were pleased to welcome noted lecturer Rabbi Josh Kohl, Founder and Director of J-Family, the Jewish Family Enrichment Project.  On September 25 th , Mindy Ginsberg, representing the “Zichron Chana Bayla – Kids for Chesed” program, will be addressing our students.  Beginning in November, a number of distinguished educators representing an array of Israel programs and institutions of higher learning will be giving a series of shiurim to our seniors. 

The schedule to date: 

  • 11/5 – Sharfman’s/Bnot Torah
  • 11/11 -  Midreshet Devora and  Midreshet Moriah
  • 11/12 – Tzvia Seminary
  • 11/13 - Migdal Oz
  • 11/16 -  Tiferet and Midreshet Yeud
  • 11/17 -  NIshmat; 11/18 - Michlelet Esther and Sha’alvim for Women
  • 11/19 – MMY
  • 11/20 - Midreshet Harova
Past, Present, and Future

The YUHSG schedule of recent and upcoming events has something for everyone... from making the most of your high school career here and now, to contemplating future horizons... There are sports team and Cultural Arts tryouts... the introduction of the 10 th grade Ulpana Exchange Program (applications due on Sept. 22, interviews to be scheduled)...  Freshmen Parent Orientation... "Back to School Night"... Mrs. Solomon's college meetings with the sophomore, junior and senior grades... the September 24 th senior grade meetings with representatives of Stern College and Barnard College... the annual "Club Fair" (the introduction to Central's exciting co-curricular life, and the chance to step up, sign up, and get involved!)... the "Names, Not Numbers" informational meeting with seniors...

  "Tickets, Please"

We can mark the milestones of the educational journey – whether personal, professional, or spiritual - in many ways and by many standards… and our faculty, students and alumnae embrace every opportunity to share their enthusiasm for learning, to move forward, to explore, and to grow.  Rabbi Ben Baruch’s popular “Sunday Neighborhood Shiurim,” coordinated by 11 th grader Sipora Souri, will be continuing throughout the school year (with upcoming locations depending on the students who volunteer to host).  The first shiur of the season will take place on October 18 th at the home of junior Rivka Apfel Dr. Riki Koenigsberg  spoke at the Channa Michael Chapter of Emunah Women on coping with stress, and Mrs. Tova Fish Rosenberg was in Israel this summer, setting up the YUHSG/Ulpanat Zvia Exchange Program.  In October, she will be a presenter (screening Central’s “Names, Not Numbers” documentary film) at the Ethel LeFrak Holocaust Education Conference at Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. The conference will address the topic of “Holocaust Education in the 21st Century: Religious and Cultural Perspectives”…  The alumnae-run Friday Senior Beit Medrash program will be devoted to the study of Iggeret HaRamban

And speaking of alumnae and journeys, we wish a hearty mazal tov to Yehudit Rachael Pineles (’07) on her recent aliyah to Israel!


To the entire “Central family,” best wishes for a G’mar Chatima Tova.

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K12 Alerts