MEDIA ALERT (12/03/07)

K12 AlertsŪ prepares and readies for the first snowfall of the season by increasing its capacity for emergency messaging to parents

Emergency messaging capacity increased by 40%

White Plains, NY - (December 3, 2007) - Keeping students safe and families informed in an increasingly uncertain world and during weather-related delays and closings are a top priority for public and private school administrators on the East Coast. K12 Alerts, an innovator of web-based email, text-to-cell phone and telephone alert messaging solutions for schools, along with many other agencies and snow plow companies were preparing Saturday night for the first snowstorm of the season. For over 4 years, K12 AlertsŪ has been empowering school administrators to communicate important alert messages to parents, staff and the community in a matter of minutes.

"I am very pleased to announce that we have increased our capacity by 40% to deliver weather-related alert messaging to our school's parents, staff and students for the start of the snowstorm season," said Gregory Bender, CEO and president of K12 Alerts. We are so impressed with the improvements in the quality of the voice calls, speed of delivery of voice and text, and improved routing ability of our new Extreme Network switches over the past four weeks, that our team agreed to turn them up before the first storm of the season hit on Sunday morning. "Demand for our services has increased dramatically over the past six months and the speed of these new switches provides increased capacity, scalability and reliability for our customers," Bender said.

Gregory Bender of Mount Vernon got the inspiration for K12 Alerts, in 2001 after living through the virtual communications blackout caused by the Sept. 11 attacks. He then created K12 Alerts to help school administrators communicate important information such as school-related emergencies to parents, staff and students via 3 modes of communication (email, text to cell and voice alerts). Administrators can reach key community opinion makers via email, text to cell phones and/or telephones using the K12 Alerts system.

Research shows that 30% of parents and staff members change their emails and their cell phone numbers annually in the United States making it difficult for schools to stay current with critical student information. The K12 Alerts' Parent My Account TM portal makes it simple for parents, students and staff members to maintain their choice of e-mails, text to cell message numbers, and telephone numbers for instant communications.

"What's great about our triple-play alert system is that parents can be contacted anytime, anywhere or in transit on their way to work via text and voice messaging about a weather delay or crisis concerning their children" said Gregory Bender, CEO and president of K12 Alerts. "We have been expanding quickly and these new switches will help us grow with our rapid expansion in the school market," he said.

K12 Alerts works with many public and private schools, universities and corporations providing emergency messaging and critical data collection and management nationwide.

About K12 Alerts
K12 Alerts is a powerful communications system, facilitating the fast delivery of e-mail, text-to-cell phone and telephone messaging notifications and student emergency data collection for public school districts and private schools. K12 Alerts, a privately held company, recently launched its higher education sibling Campus Alerts TM at K12 Alerts is a member of NASBO. K12 Alerts is Patent Pending and based in White Plains, New York. For more information, visit, or call (914) 220-8326.

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